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Extraction aims at removing the infected tooth from its place. This happens right after the gradual damage of the layers of the tooth (enamel), its ivory, or the pulp of the tooth including the root canals. Teeth damage mostly occurs due to the frequent decay (accumulation of microbial plaques), and it may be a simple extraction or surgical extraction.

Teeth Decay


It is the infection of the teeth or part of them by rot, which may develop gradually into small or large holes.

Its reasons are many and may include not taking care of teeth hygiene and eating sugary foods. Teeth Decay is one of the common widespread health problems all over the world. If your teeth decay is not treated right, the holes may enlarge and widen causing severe pain, inflammation, teeth loss, and other complications.

Regular visits to the dentist are important. Early diagnosis and immediate treatment spare you the severe pain in the future and the potential fortune you may spend on the treatment. It will also you help you keep your teeth in their right place. Moreover, it is essential to know how to clean your teeth accurately and the correct way of to prevent teeth decay.



It is creating a shield to protect the damaged tooth due to a crack or break in the structure of the tooth, or to maintain the teeth that have undergone complex treatments for reconstruction.

Dental crowns restore the structure or body of teeth after treatment by placing a building to protect teeth from decay, future breakage, infection, and accordingly teeth loss.

Teeth Whitening


To get sparkling white teeth and get rid of the stains and color change, this treatment is the best. This is a cosmetic treatment that greatly improves teeth appearance.

Each day a thin layer that absorbs stains is formed on the enamel (the outer layer of the tooth). Also, in the enamel of the teeth there are holes that can absorb stains. Thus, Teeth Whitening is the hero that can save your teeth from these stains.

Tooth Filling:


It is a preventive treatment as it is the method of repairing damaged teeth through filling the dental cavity. This damage occurs due to gradual erosion in the outer layers of teeth.

It is mainly about opening the tooth, removing caries, removing damaged tooth tissues, digging the tooth, and preparing it for the artificial filling. The final stage includes filling the tooth with a special material.

When decay penetrates the outer layers of teeth, it is advisable to treat it filling it before any permanent inflammation or damage occurs in the pulp tissue (tissue containing the roots of the nerves and blood vessels) or the break of teeth.

Root Canal Treatment


This is the treatment of damaged tooth due to decay and accumulation of plaque that results in the erosion of the layers of the tooth gradually (enamel, ivory and pulp).

It is the only way to treat tooth inflammation and osteomyelitis if the decay reaches the pulp that contains the nerves and blood vessels.

It is done through opening the tooth, removing the caries, removing the pulp and cleaning the root canal. Then, the tooth must be filled with a special material instead of removing the tooth itself.


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