Be a Star

Be a Star

Whitening and Hollywood Smile

Who did not fall in love with that beautiful smile they once saw in a movie, on TV, or in a magazine? Or got impressed by the smile of cinema and asked themself where did the stars get that smile?

It is really once in a lifetime smile. Before, the importance of teeth has been limited to performing different functions like chewing food and talking. Now their importance is in being elements of beauty among men and women.

There is no doubt that the spread of media and the Internet has a great impact on this, especially the American cinema and its contributions to the world. In other words, we often hear the spread of the “Hollywood smile.”

The best American cosmetologists have designed those smiles.  The most famous of them all is the Hollywood smile. They also designed the youthful smile, soft smile, and others to describe the shape of the teeth. The names of those smiles are determined according to their length, shortness, and other smiles have been designed to express the facial size or age of the patient.

This means that teeth have an ideal straightness and bright white color. The ideal result is achieved through several methods. One of these methods is teeth whitening, and stars use other methods such as Veneers, Zircon, Lava and, Lumineers.

Whitening is a way to lighten the color of teeth producing a very attractive color. This happens through the use a special substance which is the peroxide (or carbamide peroxide) in the form of “gel” to facilitate its application to the teeth.

This process breaks the pigments from the surface of the teeth and also within the tooth.

If we examine teeth under the microscope, we will see small microscopic pores. Thus, the whitening substance is absorbed in them to dissolve the pigmentation and cleaning the teeth.

The whitening is done in one visit through using a highly concentrated whitening gel. As with any other dental treatment, some may say that it is a permanent treatment but the reality is different. There is no permanent treatment in the teeth, whether it is filling or whitening. This is meant to stay for a relatively long period of time, not forever.

The relative long lasting effect of whitening is a sign for other factors and precautions. For example, if you do the whitening and then make sure your drink and your foods are free of dyes, the result will be long. If you go back to drinking coffee, tea and cola, and eating food without brushing your teeth, the effect won’t last long. In other words, you are responsible for the outcome and maintenance of the treatment.


Your specialized doctor in Stars’ smile


First, the specialist will take a picture of your smile, analyze it, and then discuss the potential solutions with you.

Second: You will be asked about the expectation of your new smile, how you want the smile to look, and to propose a new shape.

Third: He will design your smile and decide with you the kind of the new smile through the Smiles Guide.

Fourth, he will take a sample of your teeth and send it to the dental lab with specific instructions.

Fifth: The laboratory will create a temporary model to show the type of smile and repairs needed to be applied to your teeth for the doctor to review it, make amendments to it, and give final approval.


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