7 Wrong Dental Information You Should Forget About

7 Wrong Dental Information You Should Forget About

The German health-care website Gezundheit published The Most Famous seven Wrong Dental Hygiene Information, and they are:

– It is important to brush  the teeth after eating. However, doing so immediately can harm your teeth. Especially, after eating fruits that contain acids as they affect the moisture of teeth fluoride.

– One minute is not enough to brush your teeth teeth, the ideal cleaning process should last for at least three minutes  twice a day.

– Although apples remove the yellow layer accumulated on the teeth, but this does not mean you shouldn’t brush your teeth after eating apples.

– For cleaning your teeth effectively, you do not need to brush them toughly. Brushing them that way damages the protective layer of teeth and can cause inflammation of the gums when the brush touches them.

– Some believe that carries and cavities in the milky teeth are not big problems because the  will be replaced in all cases. This is a misconception as tooth decay can reach the roots of tooth and affects the new tooth.

– Although some types of black tea cause color change of teeth, but tea does not harm the enamel.  On the contrary, some types contain fluoride, which strengthens the teeth.

– Chewing gum does not in any way or another replace tooth cleaning and brushing. Although it helps to stimulate the production of saliva, this does not mean dispensing the daily hygiene routine of teeth brushing. Moreover, experts recommend sugar-free chewing gum.


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