Healthy Smile For Happy Life

Healthy Smile For Happy Life

Having a healthy smile has been the concern of all people in the past few years. It is not only about living a pain-free life. It goes deep far than that;  It influences more than most know.
The effect of our smiles extends to reach the way we communicate, talk, eat, and drink.  Boosting your self-esteem starts by having a healthy smile.

Kids’ Self-esteem are controlled by their smiles


You may not notice that, but your kids’ may suffer from a low self-esteem because their smile is not like other kids. The minor differences that you deal with as if they don’t exist bother them the most. When it comes to their smile, they want it to look exactly the same as their friends’ and colleagues’ ones.  Even at a young age, kids’ circles put too much pressure on the individuals and may cause your kids an endless suffering of Self-doubt and insecurities.

A study in The European Journal of Orthodontics published in 2014 has reported that those who have undergone orthodontic treatment to get straight teeth have gained a high sense of self-confidence. Another study in the American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics (AJO-DO) has reported that kids who suffer from a poor bite (malocclusion), have shown signs for issue related to their feelings of self-worth and love.

Adults hide their smiles sometimes, too


If anything, old people will likely kick their self a little for not trying hard enough to get a better smile, they remember how many times they have had to hide their smiles because they are not as beautiful as other people’s smile.

Don’t underestimate the power of a healthy smile while you still have time. You need a healthy smile to approach a partner, present in public, talk to people, take memorable photographs, and look at yourself every day in the mirror without feeling that you are unworthy of the world’s love.

So, do you want to have the smile you and your kids deserve?


If your answer is yes, then Stars smile Dental Clinics offers you a wide range of services that will give you more than you could dream of.

We know how dreadful it is to go to the dentist. However, one visit to any of our branches is going to change how you perceive dentistry forever. We serve you with love and we care for your confidence. And for your little ones, we can never forget them. We work hard to provide them with a fun and pain-free environment.

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